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ESMTM & Load Modulation Applications

Smartcool's technology works within existing control methodologies to modulate load for periods of time during the cooling cycle.
  • The ESMTM is installed to provide a modulated input into the existing control system.
  • The ESMTM collects data based on the operating profile of the equipment and then uses the installed interface to dynamically vary the compressor capacity.
  • The capacity variation is precisely calculated to maximize the duration compressor operates at it most efficient (peak profile). The level of control is constantly adjusted to suit varying load conditions.
  • By helping the compressor run more efficiently, the ESMTM creates an overall reduction in the electrical consumption of the whole cooling system.
Using load modulation, the ESMTM has proven successful at improving the energy efficiency of systems such as:
  • Refrigeration racks or packs
  • Complex process cooling systems
  • Single and multi-compressor air conditioning systems
  • Systems with any load profile
  • Systems with any energy management system routin
Sumber: http://www.smartcool.net/the-esm/esm-a-load-modulation-applications

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